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Japan 2012

Yoshihro Takahashi

We have just enough cell phone service to make a few inquiries. One of Japan's most legendary rivers is in. The Kyotosu Canyon is a couple hours away and reports indicate that water levels will probably be good. It's too late in the day for us to attempt this long section of river, so we decide to go further up the Zakogawa to see what it has to offer.  At first it doesn't have much to offer. The low volume flows through an endless boulder garden, just possible to read and run. Just a few more inches would make it very exciting and a little scary.  Thanks to a team member effort yesterday, we know there is a waterfall down here somewhere. Soon enough the rocks vanish and it's all bedrock, with some fun smaller slides and ledges.

Shannamar Dewey

Nice ledges.

One kilometer of bedrock later and we're scouting the falls. Maybe it was low above, but for this particular cascade, the flow looks ideal.

Yoshihiro Takahashi drops in.

Laura Farrell finishing in good form.

Shannamar Dewey observing a wind chime prayer flag kind of thing.

We take off and partake in the local onsen before getting our drive on. Several hours later and we are camping in an old soccer field at a closed school. The buildings are unlocked, and unvandalized. Only in Japan.

On to the Kiyotsugawa

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