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Japan 2012

Abusing Japanese hospitality and camping in a park. Good thing it's the off season!

The White Sands River. What a cool name. Too bad this river has no gauge, we drive out to it only to find it way too low to run. Skunked for the day? Maybe we can paddle the Upper Zakogawa again. Instead of turning around we turn it into a loop and drive on the highest road in Japan at 7,126'.

Ko-ji Shimizu, Yoshi Takahashi and Daniel Brasuell at the marker.

Driving in Japan always has interesting scenery.

The Upper Zakogawa is too low, so we continue down the drainage. Below the lowest run we've done on the Nakatsugawa is another run that's supposed to be fun. It has water so we figure why not, it's nice class III through yet another beautiful canyon. With a lot of water it would be incredible fun.

Shannamar Dewey below an interesting construction on the Gakatsugawa.

Skunked on two runs, yet we paddled another. Not bad, not bad. We debate about what to do next. Water levels are low but we're here for the kayaking. We decide to check out a waterfall that's on a little tourist guide. Not sure what we'll find, we head out through rice fields. I have that sinking feeling we are on a wild goose chase. Rounding a corner we see into a river canyon and it looks interesting. Too bad we are high up and access is far on the other side. A bit more driving and we are at a trailhead.

The goose!

This section of the Kamagawa is known as the "Seven Pools" and it's easy to see why. Shannamar Dewey.

Josh Galt joins us for some impressive river boarding.

Daniel Brasuell.

Yoshihiro Takahashi boofing into a place of serene beauty.

We finish the Kamagawa with smiles all around. None of us expected the day to end this well! We pack up our gear and head for one last day paddling in Japan. We're headed to the well known Nishizawa Canyon of the Fuefukigawa, what may well be the most recognized river in Japan.

On to the Fuefukigawa (coming soon)

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